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Tribes are a subcategory for minions. There are 7 tribes right now: Arcanyst, Battle Pet, Dervish, Golem, Mech, Structure, Vespyr. Tribal status can't be dispelled: i.e., you can dispel a Windstorm Obelysk (a member of the structure tribe) and it will lose its special abilities, but it will still be a member of the Structure tribe.

With Ancient Bonds the ability Bond was introduced which only works if there is another minion from the same tribe on the board.

Quick overview of each tribe are as follows:

Arcanysts[edit | edit source]

The Arcanyst tribal revolves around spell cards. They all revolve around spells being casted, triggering effects as they do. They also focus on Bond effects that add tools to your hand and various forms of hand manipulation.

Battle Pets[edit | edit source]

Battle Pets forgo rationale for power. Those cards are heavily undercosted for their stats and effects, but this comes with a caveat: Battle Pets move and attack on their own following a shared AI.

Devirshes[edit | edit source]

Devirshes are Vetruvian-exclusive expendable pawns, churned in droves by Obelysks, expected to be used aggressively to stave-off threats and as sacrifice fodder.

Golems[edit | edit source]

Golems are generally the peak cost-efficiency minions of Duelyst, having powerful bodies under the cost of having little to no special effects. Neutral golems usually come as heavy statblocks or ways to bring forth more golems for cheaper, while faction ones focuses in adding special effects and flavor to others.

Mechs[edit | edit source]

Mechs are a neutral-heavy archetype revolving around forming the powerful token minion MECHAZ0R! Most of its cards are centered around bringing forth the great robot, while others are all about clearing your deck to grab tools to summon it faster.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Structures are utility tools generally unnable to move or attack, but continually offering effects like summoning units and enhancing those in field. Vetruvian focuses in special structures named Obelysks.

Vespyrs[edit | edit source]

Vanar-exclusive, vespyrs are synergic creatures focused on effects that triggers when other vespyrs enter the fray and as they mass the battlefield.

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • v. 1.92 - Warmaster as a tribe was removed
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