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Trial and Destiny is a new keyword introduced with the Trials of Mythron expansion. Official information can be found here.

The mechanic Trial and Destiny is a paired mechanic, meaning there are two components to these cards.

Trial[edit | edit source]

The first part is the Trial condition

  • This describes an objective that must be met before you can play the card.
  • Until the Trial has been met, the card cannot be played.

Destiny[edit | edit source]

  • Once the Trial has been satisfied, the card is now unlocked and can be played.
  • Its Destiny effect is a permanent augment to your match for the entire remainder of the game.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • At the start of your match, your Trial and Destiny card will be removed from your deck. It will be added to your Action Bar after the mulligan phase. This will be the sixth card in your Action Bar (it does not take up a slot from your opening hand).
  • Trial and Destiny cards are locked into your action bar until you satisfy the Trial condition.
  • These cards can never be replaced and you cannot play them until you've completed the Trial.
  • Once a Trial is complete, the card remains unlocked for the duration of the game, even if the condition is no longer met. You only have to complete a Trial once, making the card playable anytime afterward.
  • Activating a Destiny effect works very similar to Opening Gambit, in that it only applies when you summon the card from your Action Bar.
  • You can only activate each Destiny once per game.
  • Once activated, a Destiny cannot be removed or dispelled. Killing or removing the Trial card will not affect a player's Destiny.
  • All Trial and Destiny cards are of Mythron rarity and therefore you can only include one into your deck.

Related Cards[edit | edit source]

Card Name Rarity Faction Cost Attack Health Ability Set

Grand Strategos.png

Grand Strategos


Lyonar Crest.png
Lyonar Kingdoms

5 5 5 Trial: Summon 12 minions with 1 or less Attack.
Destiny: Promote other friendly minions at the end of your turn.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron




Magmar Crest.png
Magmar Aspects

4 5 4 Trial: Cast 7 spells that cause a minion to gain +Attack.
Destiny: Minions summoned from your action bar gain Rush and Frenzy.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron

Hideatsu the Ebon Ox.png

Hideatsu the Ebon Ox


Songhai Crest.png
Songhai Empire

0 5 5 Trial: Summon 7 minions from your action bar with different costs.
Destiny: Summon friendly minions to deal their cost as damage to an enemy.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron

Mythron Wanderer.png

Mythron Wanderer


Crest neutral.png

6 6 6 Trial: Have no duplicate cards in your deck.
Destiny: Your minions have +1/+1.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron

Notion of Starless Eternity.png

Notion of Starless Eternity


Vetruvian Crest.png
Vetruvian Imperium

6 3 3 Trial: General reaches the other edge of the battlefield with an equipped artifact.
Destiny: Each equipped artifact gives your General a tier of ascension.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron

Oak in the Nemeton.png

Oak in the Nemeton


Vanar Crest.png
Vanar Kindred

6 6 6 Trial: Have 5 token minions with different names.
Destiny: Friendly token minions have +4/+4.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron

Underlord Xor'Xuul.png

Underlord Xor'Xuul


Abyssian Crest.png
Abyssian Host

6 6 1 Trial: Cast 6 spells that destroy a friendly minion.
Destiny: Whenever a friendly minion dies, re-summon it on a random space.

Trials of Mythron orb.png
Trials of Mythron