Spirit Orb

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A Spirit Orb as seen in-game.

Spirit Orbs are the primary method of obtaining new cards in Duelyst.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Most Spirit Orbs (from the Core, Shim'zar, and Unearthed Prophecy sets contains 5 cards.
  • At least 1 card from these orbs will be RARE or better.
  • These orbs can be purchased in the Shop for 100 gold or obtained as rewards from The Gauntlet or from Achievements.
  • Rise of the Bloodbound and Ancient Bonds orbs contain three copies each of three cards.
  • One card from these orbs will be common, one rare, and one either epic or legendary. It is not possible to obtain duplicates from these sets. After buying 13 orbs players will have the complete set.