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NOTE: This page depicts obsolete information (Rotation was retired on patch 1.96, May 22nd 2018).

Patch v.1.95 introduced set rotations to Duelyst. If you want to know more, read this article.

If a card is rotated out it means it can't be used anymore in Standard modes (ranked and Gauntlet), but it is still usable in Unlimited.

Every year the expansions from 2 years prior rotate out.

List of rotated cards / expansions[edit | edit source]

Year Patch Cards / Expansion Notes
2018 v.1.95 Denizens of Shim'Zar expansion

Cards from the Core set:
Sunstone Templar, Sand Trap
Mark of Solitude, Arrow Whistler
Blistering Skorn, Day Watcher
Sand Burrower, The High Hand
Chakkram, Prophet of the White Palm
Sunsteel Defender, Tethermancer
Wind Runner, Captain Hank Hart
Dioltas, Lux Ignis, Mogwai
Night Watcher, Syvrel the Exile
The Scientist, Alter Rexx
Astral Crusader, Eclipse, Envybaer,
E'Xun, Rook, Ruby Rifter
Zen'Rui, the Blightspawned
In this first rotation a lot of Core set cards got rotated too.
2018 v.1.96 Rotation reverted