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General[edit | edit source]

Since patch 1.68 cards can have a alternating cosmetic Version called "Prismatic". This alternation is indicated by a colored gradient in the card's background.

Prismatic Cards are special, rarer, shinier ‘foil’ versions of existing cards. Each card now exists in both a regular and Prismatic form, which is a 100% visual aesthetic that does not impact gameplay.
A Prismatic Card displays a custom Prismatic visual effect in-game, and a custom spawn and cast animation.
Each card found in a Spirit Orb has a chance to be automatically upgraded to its Prismatic form.

You can also craft and disenchant Prismatic cards with Spirit:
Common Prismatic: Craft for 200 Spirit / Disenchant for 40 Spirit
Rare Prismatic: Craft for 350 Spirit/ Disenchant for 100 Spirit
Epic Prismatic: Craft for 900 Spirit / Disenchant for 350 Spirit
Legendary Prismatic: Craft for 1800 Spirit / Disenchant for 900 Spirit

So disenchanting Prismatic cards give the same amount of spirit you need to craft a card of the disenchanted card's rarity. Basic Faction and Neutral Prismatic cards can now be earned by leveling up your Faction.

Prismatic cards also count towards the Seven Sisters' achievement.


left: normal card version ; right: "Prismatic" version of this card

Further reading[edit | edit source]

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