Nerfed Cards

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Here you will be able to find all nerfed cards sorted by factions.

This is still work in progress.

Image Name Faction Patch Notes
Arclyte Sentinel.png Arclyte Sentinel Lyonar v.0.0.9 Cost changed from 4 to 3. Stats changed from 4/4 to 2/4.
Azurite Lion.png Azurite Lion Lyonar v.0.0.3 v.0.0.10 v. 0.0.18 0.0.25 v.0.0.3: Stats changed from 3/3 Rush Celerity to 2/4. v.0.0.10: Cost raised from 4 to 5. Stats changed to 3/5. v.0.0.18: Cost lowered from 5 to 2. Stats lowered to 2/3. Loses Rush. v.0.0.25: Rarity changed from Epic to Common.