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A keyword is a word on a card that denotes a special ability.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many cards in Duelyst have special abilities.
  • Common special abilities are indicated by "keywords".
  • For example, the ranged keyword tells you that the minion can attack enemies that are not adjacent to it, and will not be counterattacked unless the enemy also has ranged.
  • Keywords appear in bold lettering on cards.
  • Note that special tile types also appear in bold lettering.
  • Keywords shouldn't be confused with tribes, special tile types, and minion types, such as structure or dervish.

These are the Keywords (Abilities) from different characters throughout the world of Duelyst.

List of Keywords[edit | edit source]

Keyword Description Faction specific
Airdrop This minion can be summoned anywhere on the battlefield.
Backstab: (X) When attacking from behind the enemy unit, this unit deals an additional X damage AND prevents a counterattack. The additional damage also applies when this unit is counterattacking from behind the enemy unit. Songhai
Blast When this unit attacks in a cardinal direction, it hits ALL enemy units on the same line. Only nearby or Ranged units will counterattack. Can target non-adjacent minions and generals. Vetruvian
Blood Surge Triggers an effect after you activate your Bloodbound Spell.
Bond Triggers an effect when summoned if you have another minion from the same tribe.
Celerity This unit can activate twice per turn.
Deathwatch When ANY minion dies, trigger the Deathwatch effect. Abyssian
Dispel Abilities and enchantments added to this minion are removed.
Draw The ability to draw card(s).
Dying Wish When this minion dies, trigger the Dying Wish effect.
Flying This unit can move anywhere on the battlefield.
Forcefield Cancel the first damage taken each turn.
Frenzy When this unit attacks, it simultaneously hits ALL nearby enemy units. Only the attack target will counterattack.
Grow: +X/+X This minion gains +X/+X at the start of your turn. Magmar
Infiltrate This minion gains a bonus effect when on your opponent's starting side of the battlefield. Vanar
Opening Gambit When this minion is summoned from your action bar, trigger the Opening Gambit effect. Opening Gambit effects trigger before the minion enters the battlefield.
Provoke This unit prevents nearby enemy units from moving AND nearby enemy units must attack it first.
Ranged This unit can attack any enemy unit on the battlefield. Only nearby or other Ranged units will counterattack.
Rebirth When this minion dies, it leaves behind a 0/1 Egg that hatches into the same minion after one full turn. Magmar
Rush This minion is active on the same turn that it is summoned.
Sentinel This minion transforms into a stronger minion on a hidden condition. Abyssian, Songhai, Vanar
Stun Prevents a minion or General from moving and attacking. Magmar, Vanar, Lyonar
Summon Dervish This unit summons a 2/2 Wind Dervish with Rush on a random nearby space at the start of your turn. Vetruvian
Transform Change a minion into another minion with different stats and abilities.
Zeal This minion gains a bonus effect when nearby your General. Lyonar