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Note: this is a "historic page." It contains a lot of information that is no longer accurate, but might be of interest to people who want to learn about Duelyst's history. Please do not update the content of this page.

While the Core Game Rules are still being developed by the creators, backers, and Alpha tests, were is the current core game play mechanics:

Winning Objective[edit | edit source]

As a Duelyst, you play the role of a Bloodborn General leading your own battle squad. You have the ability to call forth battle units and cast powerful spells to battle against your opponent's General.

Victory is achieved by defeating your opponent's Bloodborn General. Winning Objective

Squad Types[edit | edit source]

Battle Units: Each Battle Unit has 4 key stats: ATK, HP, Core Cost, and Unique Ability. Only Battle Units can move and attack on the battle map. Battle Spells: Each Battle Spell has 2 properties: Core Cost and Spell Effect. Spells generally target empty tiles, allies, or enemy units. Spells targeting units will typically be permanent (but can be cleansed/debuffed).

Squad Composition[edit | edit source]

For Ranked Normal mode, you pick your Faction and then choose faction-specific battle units and battle spells. Additionally, you may pick neutral spells and mercenary units to complement your squad with no restriction on unit to spell ratios. There is an upper bound of 25 total units + spells per custom squad.

Core Cost[edit | edit source]

Cores are the primary resource cost for taking actions such as deploying units, casting spells, moving and attacking with your units (for those familiar with tactics / ccgs, this is essentially your AP / Mana Pool).

At the bottom of your screen is an Action Bar with 6 Active Slots. Each turn, empty slots in your Action Bar are refilled and randomly drawn from your pre-built custom squad composition of Battle Units and Battle Spells.

  • Battle Units in your Action Bar can be deployed on any empty tile around your General (assuming you meet the Core Cost requirement).
  • Battle Units deployed on the battle map can move-attack or attack once per turn for 1 Core Cost.
  • Battle Units cannot take another action per turn (unless modified by a unique ability / spell).
  • Battle Units cannot take an action on the same turn as its deployment.
  • Spells in your Action Bar can be cast on a target unit or tile based (assuming you meet the Core Cost requirement).
  • Deployed Battle Units and cast spells are discarded from your pre-built custom squad.

Turn Sequence[edit | edit source]

The turn ends when the player runs out of Cores with no actions left to complete or 90 seconds (for live matches). At start of each turn, any empty slots in your Action Bar will be refilled and randomly drawn from your custom squad build of units / spells. The match begins with 1 Core for Player 1 (first mover) and 2 Cores for Player 2 (second mover). Player Cores will increase by 1 up to a maximum of 6 Cores (excluding terrain bonuses) at the end of the turn. If a player completely depletes all squad components, the player's General will continue to receive -1 HP each turn.

Battle Units[edit | edit source]

  • Movement: By default, Battle Units can move 2 tiles (unless modified by a Spell or Ability).
  • Attack: Melee Units can only attack adjacent tiles. Ranged units can typically attack up to 2 tiles away (including diagonals).
  • Combat Resolution: Units at 0 HP are immediately removed from the battle map (ie. no reviving).

Terrain Tiles[edit | edit source]

Tiles can offer temporary or permanent bonuses if a player's unit continues to occupy it (eg. +2 Cores).

Line-of-Sight[edit | edit source]

Allies can fire and move through friendly units (but not through enemy units). Some Battle Spells and Battle Units can deploy covering shields to block line-of-sight.