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Here you can find a list with all Duelyst Grandmasters.

Grandmaster's name Tournament in which they earned the title Date
Yukarin (TBC) (TBC)
UnoPro (TBC) (TBC)
Zayne (TBC) (TBC)
Humans (TBC) (TBC)
Kolos Duelyst Open #2 December 26 2016
Rmoriar1 (TBC) (TBC)
Demmiremmi December Season Qualifier January 14, 2017
AlphaCentury Duelyst Open #3 January 21, 2017
Meziljie January Season Qualifier February 11, 2017
Zaowi February Season Qualifier March 18, 2017
Ferocca Duelyst Open #4 March March 25, 2017
TM87 March Season Qualifier April 8, 2017
Briguy Player of the Year (not a tournament) April 22, 2017*
Dragall Trial of the Champions April 22, 2017
RHacker Vanishing Window April 23, 2017
Munkbusiness Vanishing Window April 23, 2017
Zabiool Meltdown League October 14, 2018
Spammernoob Meltdown League 2 July 13, 2019

* According to Briguy, he got the last few DWC points to gain his title a week before the announcement.