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This is the page for feature requests for the wiki.

Priority Name Description Status
2 transparent backgrounds some minion images display the wrong size because they have transparent backgrounds. It would be great if the bot could replace these. - that's an old request I wonder how to find the "bad" images under investigation
1 creating active spell gifs some active spell gifs are missing though it seems problematic getting them from the Duelyst source code under investigation
Status Name Description
DONE adding cards to tables adding cards to the tables on Core, Denizens_of_Shim'Zar and other expansions
DONE new template adding a card's description with all keywords and other stuff to reference in [[ ]] in the ability field of the infobox (example) and rotation info, new patch notes links etc.
DONE cards with keywords automatically adding cards with keywords to their keyword page in the right order (sorted by faction, then by mana, then by alphabet)
DONE game soundtrack adding a player with the original soundtrack to the wiki's homepage: Ben Mac Dougall's Duelyst OST
DONE redirects for links links are case sensitive. It would be great for the bot to create redirects: E.g. from 'sandswirl reader' and ' Sandswirl reader' to ' Sandswirl Reader' etc. to help avoiding problems with users' mistakes
DONE missing token pages adding missing token pages e.g. Night Howler
DONE BBS adding a page for every single BBS
DONE {{Template:animation}} uploading animations and adding templates to all pages
DONE adding categories adding [[Category:xxx]] like minion, spell, bbs etc. to their card page to utilize this function better
DONE card lore adding card lore from https://duelyststats.info/scripts/cardlore.html (or the game files themselves?)
DONE set changes add to balance changes the change in the set to all the cards listed here
DONE order of cards some pages (e.g. provoke, golem) have a large number of card images in a fairly random order. It would be nice (but low-priority) to agree an order (e.g. 1.faction (neutral, then alphabetical); 2.mana cost (ascending); 3. alphabetical [doesn't have to be this -we could sort by rarity instead of mana, for example] and have the bot rearrange them so all pages are consistent and when people add new cards they will be reordered in
About the order: 1. faction but in order like they appear in the game's collection manager (Boro)