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Faction Progression

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Players can unlock unique cards, Generals, and faction emotes as they continue to level up the faction of choice. Factions are leveled simply by creating a deck with the faction of choice and playing/winning games with it. Practicing against AI will only give you experience until the faction reaches level 10; after level 10, players must play in the Seasonal Ladder or Gauntlet to continue leveling the faction.

Lyonar[edit | edit source]

Lyonar Crest.png

Songhai[edit | edit source]

Songhai Crest.png

Vetruvian[edit | edit source]

Vetruvian Crest.png

Abyssian[edit | edit source]

Abyssian Crest.png

Magmar[edit | edit source]

Magmar Crest.png

Vanar[edit | edit source]

Vanar Crest.png