Chapter 18: Construction of the Monolith

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22,745 - 22,870 AE

The Monolith conceived of by Sargos would be much more than just a symbol. It would enclose the Weeping Tree with vast Star Lenses designed to capture starlight, amplifying and focusing the cosmic light on the Weeping Tree, making it stronger and healthier while simultaneously hastening the next Great Blooming.

At the same time, the colossal enclosure would ensure that the petals released in the next blooming — and all the power they contained — would forever remain inside Aestaria.

In the short term, construction of the Monolith would consume more crystals than ever before, aggravating existing shortages and provoking even greater unrest from the over-taxed continents. In the long run, however, Sargos knew the Monolith would provide Aestaria with virtually unlimited magical energy, while denying its rivals the same.

Emperor Sargos enlisted the best and brightest minds of the Aestari Empire — mechanysts, loremasters, manaforgers, spellbinders — and directed their combined energies on designing and building the Monolith. The Thirteen Aspects counseled Sargos that building the Monolith was a mistake.

Its construction would violate the Trinity Mandates, which were established to maintain and preserve Mythron’s harmony for future millennia. Some elder Aestari agreed, warning Sargos of the potentially dire consequences that would result from building the Monolith. Sargos ignored them all, confident in his decision and suspicious of their motives.

Rallying the common people behind him under the banner of progress and Aestari pride, Sargos publicly denounced The Thirteen Aspects for trying to maintain the status quo at the expense of the Aestari people. He allocated a large percentage of harvested crystals to building the Monolith, but at the same time rescinded the First and Second and Third Mandates, giving the people once more unfettered access to the crystals.

The popularity of Emperor Sargos and his Monolith soared as the Aestari people envisioned a limitless supply of magical power, and a glorious new world order.