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All units (minions and generals) in Duelyst have an attack stat and a health stat. All minions (but not generals) also have a Mana cost stat. Spells and artifacts have only a Mana cost stat.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Stats can be affected by spells, artifacts, and units' abilities.
  • Usually, a stat that has been boosted will be shown in red or green.
  • Stats affected in this way can be returned to normal by dispelling the affected unit.
  • Some effects (e.g. the spell enfeeble) "transform" units' underlying stats.
  • In this case, the new number is displayed in white.
  • "Transform" effects like this cannot be dispelled.

Health[edit | edit source]

When a unit's health stat is reduced to zero (or below), it dies.

  • Magically boosted health stats are displayed in green.
  • Injured units' health stats are displayed in red.
  • Note that boosting a unit's health is not the same as healing it.
  • Heals cannot be dispelled, but health boosts can.
  • This can result in unit which had its health boosted and then took damage being destroyed when it is dispelled.

Attack[edit | edit source]

A unit's attack stat is the amount of damage it deals to an opponent when it attacks or counterattacks.

  • Magically boosted attack stats at disposed in green.
  • Magically reduced attack stats are displayed in red.

Mana cost[edit | edit source]

A minion's Mana cost of the number of Mana crystals it takes to simple that minion onto the Battlefield.

  • Reduced Mana costs are displayed in green.
  • Increased Mana costs are displayed in red.
  • Card events that refer to a card's Mana cost generally refer to the base Mana cost of the card, not the amount of Mana actually paid by the player. Magesworn's effect is one exception.