Boss Battles

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  • Patch 1.79 added regular weekly boss battles (they reuse some bosses so new players have a chance to fight against them too) which offer one Core orb and a boss crate as a free rewards.
  • Bosses vary in difficulty, but in general it's possible to beat them using basic and common cards (although this might require skill and multiple attempts). Of course it's better to try and design a deck working around their abilities and exploiting their weaknesses.
  • There is no time limit in Boss Battles.
  • Here is a video playlist with every Boss Battle made by Collazo.
  • You can find a discussion with the devs about the design ideas of the boss battles here.
  • Dev talk #6 was about boss battles and a summary can be found here.
  • Patch 1.96 in May 2018 introduced Bloodbound Spells for Bosses in order to "patch up weaknesses in a boss fight and thus provide either much-needed utility or removal".

Here a list with all boss fights in chronological order:

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