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Blazing Spines

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Blazing Spines.png
Faction Vanar Kindred
Cost 1
Attack 3
Health 3
Rarity Token from
Blazing Spines (Vanar Spell)
Ability Wall

Spirit orb.png

Description[edit | edit source]


Notes[edit | edit source]

Like all walls, Blazing Spines are immediately removed when dispelled. For more information go to walls article.

This token can be created by the following cards:

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Opponents will find Blazing Spines to be quite a nuisance. Despite being immobile, well-placed Spines can control a portion of the board quite effectively. Their statline allows for favorable trading against 2-drops. Further, they are durable enough to withstand a basic General attack, making opponents reluctant to remove the Spines with their basic attack. Further, Blazing Spines can be played in conjuction with Icy to encase the enemy in a box. This allows the Vanar player to seriously damage the enemy General. Kara Winterblade players will enjoy Blazing Spines as well: walls buffed by Kinetic Surge pose a moderate threat. Because of its surprising versatility, Blazing Spines sees regular play in Midrange Vanar lists.

Animations[edit | edit source]

Blazing Spines Wall idle.gif
Blazing Spines Wall breathing.gif
Blazing Spines Wall attack.gif
Blazing Spines Wall death.gif