Ancient Bonds

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The third expansion set for Duelyst

Released March 2017 in Patch 1.82

39 collectible cards.

Introduces a new keyword: Bond

Patch 1.92 combined Ancient Bonds and Rise of the Bloodbound to one expansion called Bloodbound Ancients.

Ancient Bonds is the third expansion set for Duelyst released March 2017 in Patch 1.82 and contains 39 cards. The expansion adds a lot of Arcanyst and Golem minions. Its theme is about minion tribes. It also introduces a new keyword mechanic Bond which triggers a special effect when this minion is summoned whilst at least one other minion from the same tribe is on the board.

List of Cards[edit | edit source]

Images of all Ancient Bonds cards:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before patch 1.92 there was a different distribution model for this expansion:
 *It can be obtained for 3900 gold or $20 for the whole set or 300g or $2,99 for one orb.
 *If bought completely for $20 any extra Orbs purchased before will refund 300 gold (per Orb).
 *Orbs will include 3 sets (3x of a card) and never any duplicates, meaning 9 cards per Orb (and a total of 13 orbs for the set). Rarities inside will be one set of commons, one set of rares, and either an epic or 
 legendary set.
 *The cards can't be crafted except Prismatic versions of cards you do own. Cards you gain from this set cannot be disenchanted either (except for Prismatics of course).
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