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The Vetruvian Imperium is one of the six playable factions in Duelyst.


As Vetruvian, you are focused around using creatures with low base stats that have powerful special effects. You can also swarm your opponent with small creatures and buff them while drawing lots of cards. Using debuffs, you are able to weaken opposing Minions, reducing their Attack or mobility. You are most comfortable at range, controlling the ‘zone’ where your opponent can safely move. One single misstep can spell disaster against you, as your spells are often based on the position of your enemies on the battlefield. You can generate Dervish tokens with your spells and Minions and buff these Dervishes to gain a huge advantage in battle.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Your minions are very powerful if not Dispelled.
  • You’re good at destroying Artifacts due to Rasha's Curse.
  • Blast forces your opponent to spread out, allowing other spells like Stars' Fury to become more effective.
  • You have excellent late game Spells and Minions, such as Time Maelstrom and Aymara Healer.
  • Your Minions gain value over time - while Obelysks are alive, they generate Dervishes and some Obelysks also buff other Dervishes.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Dervish tokens die at the end of the turn unless buffed by Dunecaster to remain on the battlefield.
  • Not very effective at repelling aggressors once they have already reached you.
  • Dispel removes a lot of power from your creatures.
  • Conditional, expensive removal. Your ability to neutralize enemy creatures only works in certain situations.
  • Positional requirements on many of your spells means your opponent can outplay you with well thought out movements.
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Generals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Attack Health Bloodborn Spell
ZirixStarstrider.png Zirix Starstrider General 2 25 Summon a 2/2 Iron Dervish on a random space nearby
ScionessSajj.png Scioness Sajj Alternate General 2 25 Your General deals double damage to
minions this turn

Minions[edit | edit source]

Image Name Set Rarity Type Cost Attack Health Ability
Rae.png Rae Shim'zar Crarity.png


Battle Pet 0 1 1 Dying Wish: Dispel the nearest enemy minion
Dunecaster.png Dunecaster Classic Crarity.png
Dervish 2 2 1 Opening Gambit: Give +2/+2 to a friendly Dervish. If it is a Wind Dervish, it no longer disappears
EtherealObelysk.png Ethereal Obelysk Basic Basic Structure 2 0 6 Summon Dervish
Pax.png Pax Shim'zar Rrarity.png
Battle Pet 2 2 1 Dying Wish: Summon two 2/2 Iron Dervishes nearby
Pyromancer.png Pyromancer Basic Basic Minion 2 2 1 Blast
WindSlicer.png Wind Slicer Shim'zar Rrarity.png


Minion 2 2 3 Opening Gambit: Lower the cost of all Structure minions in your hand by 1
Falcius.png Falcius Shim'zar Crarity.png
Minion 3 3 3 Opening Gambit: Your general gains +2 attack and takes no damage this turn.
FireblazeObelysk.png Firblaze Obelysk Classic Rrarity.png
Structure 3 0 6 Summon Dervish
Your Dervishes have +1 Attack
ImperialMechanyst.png Imperial Mechanist Classic Rrarity.png
Minion 3 2 5 Opening Gambit: Repair all of your artifacts to full durability
OrbWeaver.png Orb Weaver Classic Crarity.png
Dervish 3 2 2 Opening Gambit: Summon a copy of this minion on a nearby space
PortalGuardian.png Portal Guardian Classic Erarity.png
Minion 3 0 6 Frenzy
Whenever you summon a minion, this minion gains +1 Attack
SandHowler.png Sand Howler Classic Rrarity.png
Dervish 3 3 3 Cannot be targeted by enemy Spells
WindstormObelysk.png Windstorm Obelysk Classic Crarity.png
Structure 3 0 6 Summon Dervish
Your Dervishes have +1 Health
Allomancer.png Allomancer Shim'zar Erarity.png
Minion 4 4 3 Dying Wish: Summon a random Obelysk on this space
MirageMaster.png Mirage Master Classic Erarity.png
Minion 4 1 1 Opening Gambit: This minion transforms into a copy of an enemy minion
WindShrike.png Wind Shrike Basic Basic Minion 4 4 3 Flying
Dying Wish: Draw a card
Nimbus.png Nimbus Shim'zar Lrarity.png
Minion 5 3 8 Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a Soulburn Obelyst nearby
StarfireScarab.png Starfire Scarab Classic Crarity.png
Minion 5 4 6 Blast
AymaraHealer.png Aymara Healer Classic Lrarity.png
Minion 6 5 5 Provoke
Dying Wish: Deal 5 damage to the enemy General.Restore 5 Health to your General
Pantheran.png Pantheran Shim'zar Erarity.png
Minion 6 6 6 Costs 0 if you've cast all three Scion's Wish spells this game.
Oserix.png Oserix Classic Lrarity.png
Minion 7 8 6 Flying
Dying Wish: Equip 2 random artifacts from your deck

Spells[edit | edit source]

Image Name Set Rarity Type Cost Effect
SiphonEnergy.png Siphon Energy Classic Crarity.png
Spell 0 Dispel an enemy minion nearby your General
AurorasTears.png Auroras Tears Classic Erarity.png
Spell 1 This turn your General gains +2 Attack for
every equipped artifact
Blindscorch.png Blindscorch Classic Basic Spell 1 Lower a minion's Attack to 0 until your
next turn
Scion'sFirstWish.png Scion's First Wish Classic Basic Spell 1 Give a friendly minion +1/+1. Draw a card
BoneSwarm.png Bone Swarm Classic Crarity.png
Spell 2 Deal 2 damage to the enemy General and all enemy
minions around them
FountainofYouth.png Fountain of Youth Classic Rrarity.png
Spell 2 Restore all friendly minions to full Health
Rasha'sCurse.png Rasha's Curse Classic Erarity.png
Spell 2 Destroy a random artifact on the enemy General.
Summon a Wind Dervish with Rush near them
SandTrap.png Sand Trap Classic Crarity.png
Spell 2 Choose an enemy minion. It can no longer move
Scion'sSecondWish.png Scion's Second Wish Classic Basic Spell 2 Give a friendly minion +2/+2. It can't be
damaged by enemy Generals
WhisperoftheSands.png Whisper of the Sands Shim'zar Crarity.png
Spell 2 Summon a Wind Dervish nearby every friendly Obelysk. Draw a card.
CosmicFlesh.png Cosmic Flesh Classic Basic Spell 2 Give a friendly minion +1/+3 and Provoke
AstralFlood.png Astral Flood Shim'zar Crarity.png
Spell 3 Put 3 random Battle Pets into your action bar.
AstralPhasing.png Astral Phasing Classic Crarity.png
Spell 3 Give a friendly minion +5 Health and Flying
InnerOasis.png Inner Oasis Classic Rrarity.png
Spell 3 Give all friendly minions +3 Health.
Draw a card
PsychicConduit.png Psychic Conduit Shim'zar Rrarity.png
Spell 3 Take control of an enemy minion with 2 or less attack until the end of the turn.
Scion'sThirdWish.png Scion's Third Wish Classic Lrarity.png
Spell 3 Give a friendly Dervish minion +3/+3 and Flying
TimeMaelstrom.png Time Maelstrom Classic Lrarity.png
Spell 3 Reactivate your General
EntropicDecay.png Entropic Decay Classic Basic Spell 4 Destroy an enemy minion nearby your General
CorpseCombustion.png Corpse Combustion Shim'zar Erarity.png
Spell 5 Summon all friendly minions with Dying Wish destroyed since last turn on random spaces.
Stars'Fury.png Stars' Fury Classic Erarity.png
Spell 5 Summon a Wind Dervish with Rush in front
of each enemy minion and General
DominateWill.png Dominate Will Classic Rrarity.png
Spell 7 Take control of an enemy minion nearby your General
CircleofDesiccation.png Circle of Dessication Shim'zar Lrarity.png
Spell 8 Destroy ALL non-structure creatures.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect
StaffofY'Kir.png Staff of Y'Kir Basic Artifact 2 Your General gains +2 Attack
WildfireAnkh.png Wildfire Ankh Erarity.png
Artifact 3 Your General gains Blast
Hexblade.png Hexblade Lrarity.png
Artifact 4 Your General gains +3 Attack. Whenever your General
damages an enemy minion, its Attack becomes 1
Spinecleaver.png Spinecleaver Lrarity.png
Artifact 5 Your general gains +1 attack. Enemy minions destroyed by your General summon a Bloodfire Totem on that space.

Tokens[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Cost Summoned From Effect
Iron Dervish.png Iron Dervish Token 1 Zirix Starstrider's Bloodborn Spell
Pax's Dying Wish effect
WindDervish.png Wind Dervish Token 2 Obelysks
Rasha's Curse
Star's Fury
BloodfireTotem.png Bloodfire Totem Token 2 Spinecleaver's effect At end of EACH turn, deal 1 damage to your General
SoulburnObelysk.png Soulburn Obelisk Token 3 Nimbus's effect Summon Dervish
Destroy any minion that deals damage to this one