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When playing as Vanar, you want to use the battlefield and Minion blocking to your advantage. You excel at forcing your opponent into bad positions. You can trap your opponent using Walls and other Minions, eventually overwhelming them with massive battlefield presence. Superior removal gives you the ability to neutralize all sorts of threats. Using Vespyr Minion summons, you can trigger lots of different synergistic effects focused around keeping the battlefield clear of threats and buffing your Minions. You can Transform ANY minion on the battlefield to your advantage. Force your opponents to choose whether they get hit by Infiltrate Minions on their starting side or Avalanche on yours! Recommended for advanced players.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • You have excellent Minion removal options.
  • There are big payoffs for successfully Infiltrating your opponent’s side of the battlefield.
  • You have very high play making potential and mind games using the Infiltrate and Avalanche zones.
  • Vespyr based strategies can completely take over the battlefield if your Vespyr minions survive.
  • It's difficult for your opponent to fully remove threats such as Fenrir Warmaster and Snow Chaser without Dispel.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • You have very limited card draw options.
  • Win conditions are very slow without your Minions on the battlefield.
  • Your Area of Effect spells are very conditional and can be avoided with careful play.
  • You have no innate healing options.
  • Most of your Walls have no combat stats and are weak to Area-of-Effect removal.
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Generals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Attack Health Bloodborn Spell
FaieBloodwing.png Faie Bloodwing General 2 25 Deal 2

damage to all enemies in the

enemy General's column.

Kara Winterblade.png Kara Winterblade Alternate General 2 25 Any minion you summon this turn gains +1/+1.

Minions[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Attack Health Ability
SnowChaser.png Snow Chaser Rrarity.png


Vespyr 1 2 1 Infiltrate: When this minion

dies, return it to your action bar.

BoreanBear.png Borean Bear Crarity.png


Vespyr 2 1 3 Whenever you summon a

Vespyr minion, this minion gains

+1 Attack.

CrystalCloaker.png Crystal Cloaker Basic Vespyr 2 2 3 Infiltrate: Gains +2 Attack.
CrystalWisp.png Crystal Wisp Crarity.png


Minion 2 1 1 Dying Wish: Permanently gain

1 mana crystal

Hearth-sister.png Hearth-Sister Crarity.png


Minion 2 3 2 Opening Gambit: May switch

spaces with ANY other minion on

the battlefield.

FenrirWarmaster.png Fenrir Warmaster Basic Minion 3 3 2 Dying Wish: Summon a 3/2

Ghost Wolf on this space

GlacialElemental.png Glacial Elemental Rrarity.png


Vespyr 3 2 3 Whenever you summon a

Vespyr minion, deal 2 damage

to a random enemy minion.

Wolfraven.png Wolfraven Crarity.png


Minion 3 1 4 Flying

Infiltrate: Gains +3 Attack.

Razorback.png Razorback Rrarity.png


Minion 4 4 3 Opening Gambit: Give all

friendly minions +2 Attack this


VoiceoftheWind.png Voice Of The Wind Lrarity.png


Minion 4 4 4 Whenever you summon a

minion from your action bar,

summon a 2/2 Vespyr Winter

Maerid nearby.

ArcticDisplacer.png Arctic Displacer Basic Vespyr 5 10 4 Airdrop
FrosthornRhyno.png Frosthorn Rhyno Erarity.png


Minion 5 6 5 Infiltrate: Gains +1 Attack and


DraugarLord.png Draugar Lord Erarity.png


Vespyr 6 4 8 Dying Wish: Summon a 4/8 Ice

Drake on this space.

AncientGrove.png Ancient Grove Lrarity.png


Vespyr 7 7 7 Provoke

Opening Gambit: Your minions

gain "Dying Wish: Summon a

1/1 Treant with Provoke".

Spells[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect
FlashFreeze.png Flash freeze Basic Spell 0 Deal 1 damage to a minion and

Stun it.

Polarity.png Polarity Crarity.png


Spell 0 Switch ANY minion's Attack and


AspectoftheFox.png Aspect Of The Fox Basic Spell 1 Transform ANY minion into a

3/3 Ravager with no abilities.

Mesmerize.png Mesmerize Rrarity.png


Spell 1 Teleport an enemy minion or

General one space.

BonechillBarrier.png Bonechill Barrier Crarity.png


Spell 2 Summon three joined 0/2

Vespyr Walls. Minions that

attack these walls are Stunned.

BoundlessCourage.png Boundless Courage Erarity.png


Spell 2 Give a friendly minion +2

Attack and, "This minion takes

no damage this turn."

Frostfire.png Frostfire Basic Spell 2 Give a friendly minion +3

Attack. If it is Vespyr, also give it

+3 Health.

HailstonePrison.png Hailstone Prison Crarity.png


Spell 2 Return ANY minion to its action


MarkofSolitude.png Mark of Solitude Rrarity.png


Spell 2 One minion becomes 5/5. It can

no longer attack Generals.

ChromaticCold.png Chromatic Cold Basic Spell 2 Dispel a space. If there is an

enemy minion or General on

that space, deal 2 damage.

BlazingSpines.png Blazing Spines Rrarity.png


Spell 3 Summon two joined 3/3 Walls

that can attack.

Cryogenesis.png Cryogenesis Crarity.png


Spell 3 Deal 4 damage to an enemy

minion. Draw a Vespyr minion

from your deck.

GravityWell.png Gravity Well Lrarity.png


Spell 2 Summon four joined 0/1 Walls

with Provoke.

AspectoftheDrake.png Aspect Of The Drake Erarity.png


Spell 4 Transform ANY minion into a

4/4 Whyte Drake with Flying.

Nearby friendly minions gain


Avalanche.png Avalanche Basic Spell 4 Deal 4 damage to ALL minion

and Generals on your starting

side of the battlefield and Stun


SpiritoftheWild.png Spirit Of The Wild Erarity.png


Spell 4 Reactivate friendly minions on

your opponent's starting side of

the battlefield.

AspectoftheMountains.png Aspect Of The Mountains Lrarity.png


Spell 6 Transform ANY minion into a

5/5 Seismic Elemental. Deal 5

damage to enemy minions

around it.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect
Coldbiter.png Coldbiter Lrarity.png


Artifact 2 At the end of your turn, your

General deals 2 damage to each

enemy minion around them.

Snowpiercer.png Snowpiercer Basic Artifact 3 Your General gains +3 Attack.
Winterblade.png Winterblade Erarity.png


Artifact 4 Your General gains +2 Attack,

Enemy minions damaged by

your General are Stunned.

Battle Pets[edit | edit source]

Image Name Set Rarity Type Cost Attack Health Ability
Icy.png Icy Shim'Zar
Battle Pet 2 2 3 Opening Gambit: Stun a nearby enemy minion or General.
Bur.png Bur Shim'Zar
Battle Pet 2 3 3 When this minion survives damage, transform it into a different Battle Pet.