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As Magmar you are big, slow, and powerful. Once you reach your opponent, your enormous Minions and mighty Artifacts can deal massive damage! You can slowly take over the battlefield as your opponent runs out of space to retreat by using Grow Minions. You’ll quickly end your opponent's life in melee range by using Rush and Frenzy Minions along with Artifacts. Your removal is great, with lots of Area-of-Effect and Dispel.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Your Minions are very resilient and can be buffed for a very low cost.
  • Using Kujata and Flash Reincarnation, you can reduce the cost of your creatures.
  • Your great Area-of-Effect and single target removal keeps the battlefield clear of threats.
  • Extremely powerful when in melee range of your opponent.
  • You have many ways of using Frenzy, including Makantor Warbeast, a Minion with both Rush and Frenzy.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Some of your Spells and Minions have high costs for their effects.
  • Your Minions may take a while to reach your opponent unless you’re playing with lots of Rush.
  • It’s difficult to remove your opponent’s Artifacts.
  • You don’t have extra card draw outside of neutral cards.
  • Many of your Spells and Minion effects can damage or destroy your Minions. Some can also damage your General!
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Generals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Attack Health Bloodborn Spell
VaaththeImmortal.png Vaath The Immortal General 2 25 Give your

General +1 Attack.

StarhorntheSeeker.png Starhorn The Seeker Alternate General 2 25 Both players

draw a card.

Units[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Attack Health Ability
Kujata.png Kujata Erarity.png


Minion 2 2 2 Your minions cost 1 less to summon and take 1 damage when summoned from your action bar.
YoungSilithar.png Young Silithar Crarity.png


Minion 2 2 3 Rebirth
Phalanxar.png Phalanxar Basic Minion 2 6 1
EarthWalker.png Earth Walker Basic Minion 3 3 3 Grow. +1/+1.
Primordial Gazer.png Primordial Gazer Basic Minion 3 2 2 Opening Gambit: Give a nearby

friendly minion +2/+2.

Vindicator.png Vindicator Lrarity.png


Minion 3 1 3 Whenever your opponent draws a card, this minion gains +2/+2.
Elucidator.png Elucidator Rrarity.png


Minion 4 5 4 Rush

Opening Gambit: Deal 4 damage to your General.

Grimrock.png Grimrock Crarity.png


Minion 4 3 4 Grow. +2/+2.
VeteranSilithar.png Veteran Silithar Crarity.png


Minion 4 4 3 Rebirth
Kolossus.png Kolossus Crarity.png


Minion 5 1 7 Grow. +4/+4.
SpiritHarvester.png Spirit Harvester Rrarity.png


Minion 5 5 5 At the end of your turn, deal 1

damage to ALL other minions.

Visionar Erarity.png


Minion 5 6 3 Whenever ANY player draws a card, this minion gains +1/+1
MakantorWarbeast.png Makantor Warbeast Erarity.png


Minion 6 4 4 Frenzy. Rush
SilitharElder.png Silithar Elder Lrarity.png


Minion 7 6 6 Rebirth

At the end of your turn,

summon a Silithar Elder Egg


UnstableLeviathan.png Unstable Leviathan Rrarity.png


Minion 7 11 11 At the start of your turn, deal 4

damage to a random minion or


Spells[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect
Amplification.png Amplification Crarity.png


Spell 1 Give a friendly damaged minion

+2 Attack and +4 Health.

DampeningWave.png Dampening Wave Basic Spell 0 Choose an enemy minion. It can

no longer counterattack.

FlashReincarnation.png Flash Reincarnation Rrarity.png


Spell 0 The next minion you summon

this turn costs 2 less and takes 2


GreaterFortitude.png Greater Fortitude Basic Spell 1 Give a friendly minion +2/+2.
DiretideFrenzy.png Diretide Frenzy Crarity.png


Spell 2 Give a Friendly minion +1

Attack and Frenzy.

DanceofDreams.png Dance Of Dreams Basic Spell 1 Whenever a friendly minion

dies this turn, draw a card.

NaturalSelection.png Natural Selection Basic Spell 2 Destroy ANY minion with the

lowest Attack or tied for the

lowest Attack.

Tremor.png Tremor Crarity.png


Spell 2 Stun enemy minions in a 2x2


KineticEquilibrium.png Kinetic Equilibrium Rrarity.png


Spell 3 Deal 2 damage to ALL minions

in a 3x3 area. Friendly minions

in the area also gain +2 Attack.

ChrysalisBurst.png Chrysalis Burst Lrarity.png


Spell 4 Summon a random Egg in 4

random spaces on the


EarthSphere.png Earth Sphere Crarity.png


Spell 4 Restore 8 Health to your


EggMorph.png Egg Morph Rrarity.png


Spell 4 Turn a non-Egg minion into an

Egg, or hatch an Egg.

MindSteal.png Mind Steal Erarity.png


Spell 4 Steal a random minion from

your opponent's deck and

summon it.

Plasma Storm.png Plasma Storm Basic Spell 5 Destroy ALL minions with 3 or

less Attack.

Metamorphosis.png Metamorphosis Lrarity.png


Spell 6 Transform all enemy minions

into 1/1 Magma with no

abilities until the end of your

opponent's turn.

FractalReplication.png Fractal Replication Erarity.png


Spell 6 Summon two copies of a

friendly minion nearby that


BoundedLifeforce.png Bounded Lifeforce Erarity.png


Spell 7 Your General becomes 10/10.

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect
IridiumScale.png Iridium Scale Erarity.png


Artifact 2 Your General gains Frenzy.
TwinFang.png Twin Fang Lrarity.png


Artifact 3 Whenever a friendly minion or

your General takes damage,

your General gains +2 Attack.

AdamantiteClaws.png Adamantite Claws Basic Artifact 4 Your General gains +4 Attack.
Morin-Khur.png Morin Khur Legendary Artifact 5 Your General gains +3 Attack. Whenever your General deals damage, hatch all friendly Eggs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Magmar was once called Abyssian and Abyssian was called Magmar. The devs decided their names suited each other more than themselves and switched the names.