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Lyonar uses lots of Provokes and high health Minions to focus on having massive presence on the battlefield. When playing as Lyonar, your goal is to amass a large, sturdy army to beat your opponent down. You can make use of Lyonar’s excellent healing abilities to keep your Minions and General alive. To finish your opponent off, you can use cards like Divine Bond to turn your Minions’ Health into damage to deal lots of damage in one Attack, or Skywind Glaives and other Zeal effects to turn your nearby Minions into powerhouse Attackers. Recommended for beginners.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Your Minions have lots of Health and very efficient combat stats overall for their cost.
  • You have access to the widest variety of healing options.
  • Lots of area-of-effect damage so you can blow apart the battlefield.
  • You can use many different types of Dispels to disrupt bonus effects on other Minions.
  • Extremely threatening when you're in melee range of your opponent.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Difficult for you and your army to catch fleeing enemies.
  • You have limited Attack options at range.
  • Difficult for you to break enemy Artifacts.
  • Your spells often need allied Minions to be alive for at least one turn before they can be effective.
  • Difficult for you to come back from a losing position when your opponent takes control of the battlefield.
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Generals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Attack Health Bloodborn Spell
ArgeonHighmayne.png Argeon Highmayne General 2 25 Give a miiotn nearby your General +2 Attack
Zir'AnSunforge.png Zir'An Sunforge Alternate General 2 25 Restore 3 Health to a friendly minion

Minions[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Attack Health Ability Set
SilverguardSquire.png Silverguard Squire Basic Minion 1 1 4 Core
Slo.png Slo Crarity.png
Battlepet 1 1 4 Provoke Shim'zar
AzuriteLion.png Azurite Lion Crarity.png
Minion 2 2 3 Celerity Core
Fiz.png Fiz Rrarity.png
Battlepet 2 3 3 Opening Gambit: Restore 2 health to a minion or general Shim'zar
Lightchaser.png Lightchaser Crarity.png
Minion 2 3 2 When ANY minion or General is healed,
this minion gains +1/+1
SunstoneTemplar.png Sunstone Templar Erarity.png
Minion 2 1 4 When this attacks or counterattacks,
it dispels that enemy
WindbladeAdept.png Windblade Adept Basic Minion 2 2 3 Zeal: Gains +2 Attack Core
ArclyteSentinel.png Arclyte Sentinel Rrarity.png
Minion 3 2 4 Opening Gambit: Give ANY nearby minion
+2 Attack but -2 Health
RadiantDragoon.png Radiant Dragoon Rrarity.png
Minion 3 3 4 At the end of your turn, give a friendly minion +1 health Shim'zar
SilverguardKnight.png Silverguard Knight Basic Minion 3 1 5 Provoke, Zeal: Gains +2 Attack Core
SunforgeLancer.png Sunforge Lancer Erarity.png
Minion 3 2 4 Whenever ANY minion or general is healed, give your general +1 attack Shim'zar
LysianBrawler.png Lysian Brawler Crarity.png
Minion 4 4 4 Celerity Core
SunSisterSterope.png Sun Sister Sterope Lrarity.png
Achievement Card
Minion 4 4 4 Whenever ANY minion or general is healed, put a True Strike into your action bar Shim'zar
Sunriser.png Sunriser Erarity.png
Minion 4 3 4 When ANY minion or General is healed,
deal 2 damage to all nearby enemies
SuntideMaiden.png Suntide Maiden Crarity.png
Minion 4 3 6 Zeal: At the end of your turn,
restore this minion to full Health
IroncliffeGuardian.png Ironcliffe Guardian Rrarity.png
Minion 5 3 10 Airdrop, Provoke Core
SecondSun.png Second Sun Rrarity.png
Minion 5 0 8 Zeal: Gains +8 Attack Core
ElyxStormblade.png Elyx Stormblade Lrarity.png
Minion 6 7 7 Provoke, Your minions and General may move an
additional space
Solarius.png Solarius Lrarity.png
Minion 6 3 3 Zeal: Draw 2 additional cards at the end of your turn Shim'zar
GrandmasterZ'ir.png Grandmaster Z'ir Lrarity.png
Minion 7 5 12 When your General dies,
Grandmaster Z'ir becomes your General
Sunbreaker.png Sunbreaker Rrarity.png


Minion 4 2 4 Forcefield

Your Bloodborn spell is Tempest

Rise Of The Bloodborn
Scintilla.png Scintilla Crarity.png


Minion 3 3 4 Blood Surge: Restore 3 health to your General. Rise Of The Bloodborn
Excelsious.png Excelsious Lrarity.png


Minion 8 6 6 Provoke, Celerity

This minion gains +1/+1 for each time you healed anything this game.

Rise Of The Bloodborn

Spells[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect Set
BeamShock.png Beam Shock Crarity.png
Spell 0 Stun an enemy minion or General Core
AegisBarrier.png Aegis Barrier Lrarity.png
Spell 1 Choose a friendly minion. It can't be targeted
by enemy spells. Draw a card
AerialRift.png Aerial Rift Erarity.png
Spell 1 Give your minions Airdrop this turn.
Draw a card
AurynNexus.png Auryn Nexus Crarity.png
Spell 1 Give a friendly minion +3 Health Core
FightingSpirit.png Fighting Spirit Erarity.png
Spell 1 Give all friendly minions +1 health. Put a random battle pet into your action bar Shim'zar
LionheartBlessing.png Lionheart Blessing Rrarity.png
Spell 1 Give a friendly minion, Zeal:
Whenever this minion deals damage, Draw a card
Magnetize.png Magnetize Rrarity.png
Spell 1 Pull ANY minion to the space in front of your General Core
SundropElixir.png Sundrop Elixir Crarity.png
Spell 1 Restore 5 Health to a minion or General Core
TrueStrike.png True Strike Basic Spell 1 Deal 2 damage to a minion Core
LastingJudgement.png Lasting Judgement Rrarity.png
Spell 2 Give ANY minion +3 Attack, but -3 Health Core
LucentBeam.png Lucent Beam Crarity.png
Spell 2 Deal 2 damage to an enemy. If a minion or general was healed this turn, deal 4 damage instead Shim'zar
SunBloom.png Sun Bloom Crarity.png
Spell 2 Dispel a 2x2 area on the battlemap Core
Tempest.png Tempest Basic Spell 2 Deal 2 damage to ALL minions and Generals Core
WarSurge.png War Surge Basic Spell 2 Give all friendly minions +1/+1 Core
Afterblaze.png Afterblaze Crarity.png Spell 3 Give a friendly minion +2/+4. If it has zeal, draw a card Shim'zar
DivineBond.png Divine Bond Basic Spell 3 Give a minion +Attack equal to its Health Core
Martyrdom.png Martyrdom Basic Spell 3 Destroy ANY minion. Restore the minion's Health to its General Core
SkyBurial.png Sky Burial Rrarity.png
Spell 3 Destroy a minion not next to any general Shim'zar
Decimate.png Decimate Lrarity.png
Spell 4 Destroy ALL minions that are not nearby any General Core
HolyImmolation.png Holy Immolation Erarity.png
Spell 4 Restore 4 Health to a friendly minion. Deal 4 damage
to enemy minions and Generals around it
IroncliffeHeart.png Ironcliffe Heart Erarity.png
Spell 4 Transform a friendly minion into an Ironcliffe Guardian Shim'zar
CircleofLife.png Circle of Life Erarity.png
Spell 5 Deal 5 damage to an enemy minion. Restore 5 Health
to your General
SkyPhalanx.png Sky Phalanx Lrarity.png
Spell 8 Summon three Silverguard Knight nearby your general Shim'zar
TrinityOath.png Trinity Oath Erarity.png


Spell 4 Draw 3 cards and restore 3 health to your General. Rise Of The Bloodborn
DrainingWave.png Draining Wave Crarity.png


Spell 1 Deal 4 damage to a minion AND your General. Rise Of The Bloodborn
PrismBarrier.png Prism Barrier Rrarity.png


Spell 2 Give a friendly minion Forcefield. Rise Of The Bloodborn

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Main page: Artifact

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect Set
SunstoneBracers.png Sunstone Bracers Basic Artifact 0 Your General gains +1 Attack Core
SkywindGlaives.png Skywind Glaives Erarity.png
Artifact 3 Friendly minions nearby your General gains +2 Attack Core
ArclyteRegalia.png Arclyte Regalia Lrarity.png
Artifact 4 Your General gains +2 Attack. The first time your General
takes damage each turn, prevent 2 of it
Dawn'sEye.png Dawn's Eye Lrarity.png
Artifact 4 Your General gains +4 attack. At the end of your turn, repair all equipped artifacts to full durability Shim'zar

Battle Pets[edit | edit source]

Moved to minions as a subtype Battlepets.