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Description outdated, awaiting re-write[edit | edit source]

As Abyssian, you excel at removing big threats and can generate many small Minions, while also having great late game threats. Deathwatch can power up your Minions, deal damage while healing you, or generate Wraithlings. Wraithlings are 1/1 tokens that can be used as sacrifices for powerful spells and cause more deaths on the battlefield to fuel Deathwatch effects. Additionally, you boast a wide range of removal spells and area control. Although you are high on damage and battlefield control, your creatures are not very efficient.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Your battlefield advantages can be quickly converted into damage with Deathwatch.
  • Numerous Rush minions and damage spells allow you to be very aggressive.
  • You possess many different forms of Minion removal.
  • Moderate amounts of "vampire" healing that damages your opponent.
  • You can use a variety of different deck archetypes and strategies.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Difficult to come back after you have no more Minions on the battlefield.
  • Your removal is expensive, requiring a sacrifice of your own Minions or a lot of Mana.
  • Your Minions are not very efficient and rely on Deathwatch to gain effectiveness.
  • Difficulty against Dispel; your Deathwatch and Shadow Creep are both Dispellable.
  • Low cost creatures that fuel Deathwatch are very frail and survive mainly by outnumbering your opponents, causing Area of Effect damage to be highly effective against you.
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Generals[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Attack Health Bloodborn Spell
LilitheBlightchaser.png Lilithe Blightchaser General 2 25 Summon 2 Wraithlings nearby your General
CassyvaSoulreaper.png Cassyva Soulreaper Alternate General 2 25 Deal 1 damage to a minion. If it dies this turn, the space turns into Shadow Creep

Minions[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Attack Health Ability Set
AbyssalCrawler.png Abyssal Crawler Basic Minion 1 2 1 At the end of your turn, turn a nearby space into Shadow Creep Core
BloodSiren.png Blood Siren Crarity.png
Minion 2 3 2 Opening Gambit: Give a nearby enemy minion or General -2 Attack this turn Core
DarkspineElemental.png Darkspine Elemental Rrarity.png
Minion 2 1 4 Double the damage dealt by friendly Shadow Creep Core
Gloomchaser.png Gloomchaser Basic Minion 2 2 2 Opening Gambit: Summon a 1/1 Wraithling in random nearby space Core
Gor.png Gor Crarity.png
Battlepet 2 1 1 Dying Wish: Summon a copy of this minion in a random unoccupied corner Shim'zar
Ooz.png Ooz Rrarity.png
Battlepet 2 3 3 Whenever this minion takes damage, turn a space occupied by an enemy into Shadow Creep Shim'zar
Blood Baronette.png Blood Baronette Rrarity.png
Minion 3 3 3 Opening Gambit: Double a nearby Wraithling's attack and health Shim'zar
NightsorrowAssassin.png Nightsorrow Assassin Crarity.png
Minion 3 2 1 Opening Gambit: Destroy an nearby enemy minion with 2 or less Attack Core
ShadowWatcher.png Shadow Watcher Basic Minion 3 2 2 Deathwatch: Gains +1/+1 Core
AbyssalJuggernaut.png Abyssal Juggernaut Crarity.png
Minion 4 3 3 This minion has +1/+1 for each friendly Shadow Creep Core
BloodmoonPriestess.png Bloodmoon Priestess Rrarity.png
Minion 4 3 3 Deathwatch: Summon a Wraithling on a nearby random space Core
DeepfireDevourer.png Deepfire Devourer Crarity.png
Minion 4 4 4 Opening Gambit: Destroy friendly minions around it. Gain +2/+2 for each minion Core
ShadowSisterKelaino.png Shadow Sister Kelaino Lrarity.png
Achievement Card
Minion 4 2 5 Whenever an enemy minion or general takes damage, restore 1 health to your general Shim'zar
BlackSolus.png Black Solus Erarity.png
Minion 5 4 7 When you summon a Wraithling, this gains +2 Attack Core
NightFiend.png Night Fiend Crarity.png
Minion 5 3 3 Deal 2 damage to each enemy on or next to friendly Shadow Creep Shim'zar
ReaperoftheNineMoons.png Reaper of the Nine Moons Erarity.png
Minion 4 4 3 Flying
Dying Wish: Summon a random minion from the opponent's deck on this space
Shadowdancer.png Shadowdancer Rrarity.png
Minion 5 4 4 Deathwatch: Deal 1 damage to the enemy General, and restore 1 Health to your General Core
Klaxon.png Klaxon Lrarity.png
Minion 6 6 6 Provoke Dying Wish: Turn 6 random spaces into Shadow Creep Shim'zar
VorpalReaver.png Vorpal Reaver Lrarity.png
Minion 6 6 6 Celerity
Dying Wish: Summon six Wraithlings on random spaces
ArcaneDevourer.png Arcane Devourer Erarity.png
Minion 7 8 4 Opening Gambit: The next minion you summon this turn costs 1 mana Shim'zar
SpectralRevenant.png Spectral Revenant Lrarity.png
Minion 7 6 6 Rush, Whenever this damages an enemy minion, deal 4 damage to the enemy General Core
Furosa.png Furosa Common Minion 1 1 2 Blood Surge: Friendly Wraithlings gain +1/+1. Rise Of The Bloodborn
Nocturne.png Nocturne Epic Arcanyst 2 2 2 Whenever you make a Shadow Creep or a Wraithling, instead make both. Ancient Bonds
HorrorBurster.png Horror Burster Rare Minion 3 4 1 Dying Wish: Transform a random friendly minion into a 6/6 Horror. Rise Of The Bloodborn
Nightshroud.png Nightshroud Common Arcanyst 4 5 1 Bond: Your General steals 1 Health from the enemy General for each other friendly Arcanyst. Ancient Bonds
DeathKnell.png Death Knell Arcanyst Legendary 8 6 6 Opening Gambit: Summon all friendly non-token Arcanysts destroyed this game nearby. Ancient Bonds
GrandmasterVariax.png Grandmaster Variax Minion Legendary 8 8 8 Opening Gambit: Your Bloodborn Spell costs 3 and is now AWESOME. Rise Of The Bloodborn

Spells[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect Set
DarkfireSacrifice.png Darkfire Sacrifice Rrarity.png
Spell 0 Destroy a friendly minion. Your next minion costs 2 less Core
GraspofAgony.png Grasp of Agony Crarity.png
Spell 1 Choose an enemy minion. When it dies, it deal 3 damage to nearby enemy minions and Generals Core
SphereOfDarkness.png Sphere of Darkness Crarity.png
Spell 1 Turn a space into Shadow Creep, then draw a card Shim'zar
VoidPulse.png Void Pulse Crarity.png
Spell 1 Deal 2 damage to the enemy General. Restore 3 Health to your General Core
ConsumingRebirth.png Consuming Rebirth Erarity.png
Spell 2 Destroy a friendly minion. At the end of your turn, re-summon it on the same space and give it +1/+1 Core
DaemonicLure.png Daemonic Lure Basic Spell 2 Deal 1 damage to an enemy minion and teleport it to any space on the battlefield Core
EchoingShriek.png Echoing Shriek Erarity.png
Spell 2 Transform ALL minions that cost 2 or less into 1/1 wraithlings Shim'zar
InkhornGaze.png Inkhorn Gaze Crarity.png
Spell 2 Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it dies this turn, put a random battle pet into your action bar Shim'zar
LurkingFear.png Lurking Fear Erarity.png
Spell 2 Lower the mana cost of all minions with Dying Wish in your action bar and deck by 1 Shim'zar
SoulshatterPact.png Soulshatter Pact Basic Spell 2 Give all friendly minions +2 Attack this turn Core
DeathfireCrescendo.png Deathfire Crescendo Lrarity.png
Spell 3 Give a friendly minion, "Deathwatch: Gains +2/+2" Core
RitualBanishing.png Ritual Banishing Rrarity.png
Spell 3 Destroy a friendly minion to destroy an enemy minion Core
ShadowReflection.png Shadow Reflection Crarity.png
Spell 3 Give a friendly minion +5 Attack Core
VoidSteal.png Void Steal Rrarity.png
Spell 3 Give an enemy minion -3 attack. All adjacent friendly minions gain +3 attack Shim'zar
WraithlingFury.png Wraithling Fury Erarity.png
Spell 3 Give a friendly Wraithling minion +4/+4 Core
WraithlingSwarm.png Wraithling Swarm Basic Spell 3 Summon three 1/1 Wraithlings nearby each other Core
BreathoftheUnborn.png Breath of the Unborn Crarity.png
Spell 4 Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. Restore all friendly minions to full Health Core
DarkSeed.png Dark Seed Rrarity.png
Spell 4 Deal 1 damage to the enemy General for each card in the opponent's action bar Core
ShadowNova.png Shadow Nova Basic Spell 4 Turn a 2x2 area into Shadow Creep Core
DarkTransformation.png Dark Transformation Basic Spell 5 Destroy an enemy minion and summon a 1/1 Wraithling on that space Core
NetherSummoning.png Nether Summoning Lrarity.png
Spell 5 Summon 2 non-token minions destroyed since the end of your last turn nearby Core
RiteoftheUndervault.png Rite of the Undervault Erarity.png
Spell 6 Draw to fill your action bar Core
Obliterate.png Obliterate Lrarity.png
Spell 8 Destroy all friendly shadow creep. Deal that much damage to ALL enemies Shim'zar
AphoticDrain.png Aphotic Drain Common Spell 2 Destroy a friendly minion to restore 5 health to your General. Rise Of The Bloodborn
Punish.png Punish Rare Spell 2 Destroy a damage minion. Rise Of The Bloodborn
BloodEchoes.png Blood Echoes Common Spell 3 Destroy all friendly minions and resummon them on random spaces at end of turn. Ancient Bonds
NecroticSphere.png Necrotic Sphere Epic Spell 6 Destroy ALL minions nearby your General and summon wraithlings in their place. Rise Of The Bloodborn

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Effect Set
HornoftheForsaken.png Horn of the Forsaken Basic Artifact 1 Whenever your General deals damage, summon a 1/1 Wraithling nearby your General Core
SpectralBlade.png Spectral Blade Erarity.png
Artifact 2 Your General gains +2 Attack. Whenever your General destroys an enemy minion, restore 2 Health to your General Core
SoulGrimwar.png Soul Grimwar Lrarity.png
Artifact 3 Your General gains, Deathwatch: Gain +2 Attack Core
GhostAzalea.png Ghost Azalea Lrarity.png
Artifact 4 Your general gains +1 for each friendly Shadow Creep Shim'zar
TheReleaser.png The Releaser Rare Artifact 3 When this artifact breaks, summon a random friendly non-token minion destroyed this game nearby. Ancient Bonds

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Abyssian was once called Magmar and Magmar was called Abyssian. The devs decided their names suited each other more than themselves and switched the names.